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Facebook and Twitter are information parasites and the host is almost DEAD.

President Trump 2020Sep 2, 2018, 10:21:24 PM

Zuckerburg's unwillingness to adapt to the rise of Blockchain and his thirst for power is leading to his destruction very VERY fast.

What will it actually take to demolish big centralized tech? The answer is simple. The demise of Facebook and Twitter is slow but sure and it is directly proportional to the rise of blockchain technology. Facebook and Twitter are able to thrive in a world that only fed off of it's users and pile that information into a centralized point of power. And like all parasites, once the host dies the parasites goes with it. Facebook and Twitter are techno information parasites and you the user are it's host. They are the Socialists of the internet, the Venezuelans if you will. They use your information to make money for the centralized platforms and that information is collected and sold to advertisers so they can market to you and people like you all in the name of "equality". The collection of data is also used to "recommend" what you "are most interested in". However the problem with that is the operator of each platform has the power to choose what to show you and what not to show you.

ENTER Bitcoin: Bitcoin is the ultimate enemy of the big banks. Instead of a bank controlling the flow of the economy via centralized control. Bitcoin allows each user to "be their own bank" therefore eliminating the need for a middle man such as Bank of America. When Bitcoin was first developed blockchain technology was mostly used for the exchange of currency. We are now entering a world where not only currency is traded in a decentralized manor but also information. This means that intermediaries such as Facebook and Twitter are rendered as useless middle men. Or shall we say Liberal wastelands. 

In short Facebook and Twitter will only last as long as it takes for blockchain technology to be integrated into Social Media. And that time is happening already and it's happening FAST. When Social Media becomes decentralized it essentially means that the user has full control over their content. No one "big tech bully" can down your content, much like the banks are unable to fight the rise of crypto-currency. Facebook and Twitter must decentralize or die. But they won't... because they are tyrants.

Minds.com is now leading the way in the fight against tech tyranny. Now you can be rewarded with crypto-currency that runs off of the Etherium Network just for contributing to the network. This is especially valuable to publishers and content creators. It allows for the free exchange of currency and information with no censorship. Users also have the ability to reward publishers by wiring earned Minds Tokens to the publishers and even reap rewards for doing so. If your content is King it remains King and there's NOTHING they can do about it. 

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Note: If you would like to help fight against big tech many youtubers are now moving their videos to "Bitchute.com". Bitchute is a P2P video network that is expected to surge in popularity as Facebook, Google, and Twitter continue to abuse their power.