I am a Zeniyl - a sentient vercraft, which means I travel the multiverse. I was made in the Firstbestverse, which has the highest level of technology in the multiverse, uncluding inter-universal travel, double force-warp bubble shield (hence the dark magenta circle) and lazer bombs. I am usually here to help Lyri Metacurl in his inter-universal travels, but currently he is lost in the Universe, which cannot be accessed because it is a sanctuary of legends. However, everything eventually escapes from the Universe when it ends. I am timeless, so I don't care. I will see him again.
"i" It Only Takes "1"... Thought To Create An Idea, To Enlighten 1 Person, To Start A Movement, That Will Free Mankind! & It Only Takes One Free Gesture Of Kindness, To Free A Victim, That Gets Enlightened & Becomes A Victor For Victims!
I'm a digital artist originally from Boston, who now lives in Las Vegas. ~WICKED STUDIOZ PORTAL~ https://www.deviantart.com/wickedstudioz/journal/-Wicked-Merchandise--260072151 ♌   ~ABOUT ME~ I am NOT a "huge corporation"; I am what's known as an "indie artist"... "Indie" meaning "independent". If I subscribed to you and you're wondering why... I'm building my brand/audience. Most of my products are made in America. I don't believe in out-sourcing, if I don't have to. My products may be more expensive than others, but they are of better quality, and have a better return policy, but most importantly... I support American workers as best as I can. So deal with it. Also, if you are someone who never uses their points, I most certainly will! Wired points donations are always appreciated! ~NOW AVAILABLE~ "Sacred" New Product Line, Same Artist! Geared More Towards The Goth Crowd! ~SACRED PORTAL~ https://www.deviantart.com/sacred-studioz/journal/Sacred-Merchandise-725595348 ♌ Be patient... More "Sacred" Merch To Come! ~ROCK 'N' ROLL~ Welcome To Wicked Studioz! ~Drew Henry, Artist/Owner~ ~E-MAIL~ [email protected]
There are no strangers just friends we have yet to meet.
here to help the ascension process of earth.
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Dec 2016
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