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Guadiya Vaishnava Yogi Dancer Programmer and Linux enthusiast Social media accounts: [email protected] --- This is a website not an email Video sharing platforms :!/c/narayana108 --- This is here for peoples convenience as we make the shift. Instant secure messenger for pc and phone

I’m sick of the left shitting all over our rights, while we just stand back and let it happen… I’m done “taking the high road” with people who want nothing more than to cripple America’s future, and destroy any trace of America’s history- the good AND the bad. Enough is enough.

Graphic Designer, Encourager, Web Researcher, Crypto Enthusiast - Only those who never give up will be able to reach their targets!

Event co-ordinator running a monthly multi-genre showcase in Camden, London and sarting our 3rd series of Britain's Got Reggae which is a reggae compeition to highlight reggae artists in the UK as they fewer opportunities.

I'm an amateur Christian apologist so if you have questions I might have an answer. But mostly I just re mind memes and stuff. You will NOT find pornography, nudity or gore (excluding occasional historical photos that feature dead bodies, but nothing disrespectful). But if you're looking for a "clean" page this ain't it chief. I am not that person. I appreciate vulgar, edgy, offensive humor. I swear and I will aggressively debate my positions. I'm still working on switching from "treat people how they treat you" to "treat people how you want to be treated" so don't be surprised if I match somebody's rudeness with my own rudeness. I'm working on it. Thanks for stopping by. I hope to hear from you soon. You, particularly! 🦅🇺🇸🐸🌈🦏🦄🤡🌎👌👍🥛✝️ -Please don't wire me tokens. I appreciate the gesture but the whole situation makes me feel turbo awkward. And I'm not good at peopleing in the first place. If you choose to wire me tokens anyway I'm just going to say thank you here and now: thank you. -seriously though, if you have ANY questions about Christianity please ask them! it gives me a chance to practice my skills and I love helping people understand the Bible! -if you're only looking for squeaky clean Christian channels go check out @nanalovesjesus they're great -some of my favorite minds channels @jonw116 @cyb3rpunk -minds artists I really appreciate @aragmar @night_shade @kestrel_black @rizzyfig -if you're looking for "edgy" content @oldmanrants @mindofjack @auroradeasiza @sinner1905 @lillspence and @despicablememes are amazing

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