Card-carrying member of the patriarchy.

Maverick at large, I'm actually a nice guy who value's politeness and civility. However, online I value truth over offending the sensibilities of the truly privileged snowflakes, those who have never encountered disgreement, let alone hardship.

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News, politics, and culture with a New Zealand focus. From traditional conservatives, Tory populists, and right-wing libertarians.

!!! BoyCott Harmful Tech Companies !!! Don't use Google, YouTube, FaceBook, Pandora, or any other big tech company. Don't shop at Amazon. Don't watch the MSM (i.e. anything on TV). Don't give Big Pharma *any* of your money, or control over your children's brains. Don't give corporations your personal information. One of the best ways of effecting change is to *BoyCott*, *BoyCott*, *BoyCott*. Some websites I've found useful: search: StartPage, DuckDuckGo, or Lycos videos:,, music:, grooveshark social:, maps: news:, Remember, *always* use a VPN while browsing the web!

'Clown World Chronicles' is the book about life as a primate in the 21st Century. Get it here: Our interests: Esoteric alchemy Alternative psychology Psychedelia The world beyond Suppressed political philosophy Hidden history, and more!

Sep 2018
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