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"A great inner revolution in just a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a nation and, further, will cause a change in the destiny of humankind." Daisaku Ikeda Can one person's spiritual journey help make the world a better place?
Hello everyone! i'm new on the platform, i'm a photographer and painter in a learning process, please, support this little project! greetings from Venezuela. I will post new content every day! please, support this little project! I'm in the process of professionalizing my work, the main objective is to create a photo studio to be able to create higher quality content, to have professional cameras to start a travel blog with a more artistic face, showing the talent hidden behind the walls. And as a secondary objective, venture into film and audiovisual production to be able to produce small short films and some independent productions, and who knows, perhaps in the medium term, to be able to create a feature film. Ethereum: 0xd0D0b4184f63Cf6cE0Ca2477CF5098632D65Bed1 Bitcoin: Please support this project, I would really appreciate it! Make this dream come true!
Full Coverage of #MMM . November 5th! The only day of the year that people will actually take to the streets to represent a cause and stand against oppression. It matters not what misrepresentation may be there, only that YOU represent YOUR ideas. Put aside hesitation and act! - - - Find a March: - - - Earn Points!: Upload your original content from #MMM and tag us or forward us links to current events all around the world to gain points respectively as reward at the end of the event. (I am looking to dry out my wallet) - - - MillionMindsMarch is not about any organization or any new-age, hivemind movement. It is about ideas and spreading concepts of a better society to the regularly silent masses! - - - Information Blog: Coming SOON. (Details for those AntiFacebook and those looking for tips on security protocol.) - - - Current contributors: @govspiders @rumple @sehvehn @fretzcapo
Helping naturally-minded people heal digestive and autoimmune issues without medications, and 10x faster.
✨Cultivating conscious conversation ✨Truth seeking in the age of (mis)information ✨We are #rebelconsciousnesspodcast follow us on our private accounts- @mygratefulgut @kenzie
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Mar 2013
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