Peaceful Treason is a conversational #podcast featuring ideas on how to advance human civilization toward absolute freedom and the highest quality of life through #innovation, #freemarkets and #disruption. Jared and Will share an almost-weekly episode that can be found on iTunes, Stitcher & Google Play. We prefer to avoid labelling ourselves as #anarchist or #libertarian, but if we had to pick an ideology that most closely represented our views shared, it would be #voluntaryism. Never forget that #TaxationIsTheft!
Co-host of the Friends Against Government podcast with Birdo. Agorist, engineer, surfer, sailor, snowboarder, ham radio and DIY enthusiast. Medium: voluntarymess
Co-host of the #1 inhalent-fueled libertarian shitcast in America, the Friends Against Government podcast.
Voluntaryist, capitalist, painter, singer, loves motorcycles, food, gardening and sunshine.
The Hater's Liberty Podcast ft Jeff & Tony - Listen, Engage.....Hate. Tweets by @InvalidBeard
Whisky drinking, cigar smoking, SOB. I also dabble in photography.
Nina. Individualism.
Yes I’m from Philly, I don’t like you either.
Co-Host of Anarchy Among Friends Roundtable Discussion, Warrior Poet and Comedic Philosopher (banned from Twitter and Facebook for Thoughtcrime) YouTube link for all episodes of our show...
I've been tweeting about liberty things and #antiwar stuff for a few years.
Aug 2018
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