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Software Engineer I'm here to remind, post and talk about anything that interest me, I love music and nature you're free to remind my activities welcome to my channel

I am the new man that God created, a country boy, proud veteran, lover of Freedom, Liberty, Justice for All and Jesus. I came here to escape the facistbook censorship to just express my thoughts and feelings. Blessings to all y'all.

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Trucker, Business owner, Crypto investor, 1A and 2A advocate. general shit poster on the internet. I will stand up for anyone's inalienable God given Constitutional rights any day of the week! be prepared to be offended with FACTS! If being a Libertarian Conservative is to be an extremist, then I am the extremist FB warned you about! when I'm wrong I will admit it and change my ways but when I'm right I don't stop, I don't back down ever.

Anti-socialist with insight and reasoning to all the dumb things Democrats do. Also, memes are the best thing that’s happen from social media. #DemocratsAreSocialist #CreepyJoe #Meme #Politics #News #BigGovSucks, a greatest hits of alternative media, is published around noon weekdays.

Elie Estella
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Open minded travel - fashion - food - nature enthusiast. Environmentalist and Therapist The very first blogger on Minds. #SeeWhereIgo Every day new travel inspiration All content is my original #OriginalContent My other channel: My story:

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News, Entertainment, Humor, Trivia, etc. ●Mandela Effect Community●

Page with 23000 followers deleted by Twitter GeorgeGarbow Website for free videos, gifs, memes about Islam and politicians

Just a guy on the internet who's avatar is a giant mutant alligator. I make wooden swords and tabletop games in my spare time. Discord server for game streaming: Guilded server (Like Discord but better!) Bitchute page for videos and podcasts:

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