Buts du compte : - Défense et apologie de la Doctrine chrétienne. - Dénonciation des ennemis de Dieu, de son Fils, de son Eglise et de la France ainsi que de leurs erreurs et mensonges.

Nous sommes ceux qui rajeuniront le monde. Le monde actuel est près de sa fin. Notre seule tâche est de le saccager.

La Vérité, rien que la Vérité ...

TO UNDERSTAND THE PRESENT YOU NEED TO UNDERSTAND THE PAST I BLOCK ALL PORN I'm retired and spend a lot of time trying to awaken others before it's way too late. Anti-Zionist Ant-NWO ANTI-Isreal Anti-NATO Anti-war Anti-UN Anti-masonic free masons Anti-Vatican Anti-vaccines Anti-Communism In fact I'm ant-anything evil Lover and researcher of REAL history. Hitler was right and because he had the balls to take on the real enemy it was only natural he was going to be portrayed as an evil man,but for those that research real history it becomes obvious he was not. JEWWATCH.COM Original Source Of Rare WW2 Images David Irving Blocked on Fakebook many times Blocked on Twitter.many times too A decentralised internet of real openness and transparency is the only way forward. Flat earth believer truth seeker Believer in a divine creator. Satan is a transsexual depraved fallen angel who's followers include peadophiles occultists and other sick minded people .Masonic free masons, Rothschild Zionism, Jesuits and Jews are all key players in the worldwide web of evil. All wars are started by these psychopaths and they are the only winners. the masses pay the ultimate price

Per aspera ad astra Per ardua ad astra Exurge Mars, Mars Ultor Arya et Imperator Viribus unitis Semper fidelis !

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May 2016
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