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Integrity Elegance Simplicity .. Oh, and sarcasm. PS - and actually dyslexic. So you don't get "smart points" for catching any mispellings, you just get sent to the re-education gulag for disability-phobia. R somethin'. So there! Btw, for videos, if I say something in academic language, I typically repeat the point in normal language immediately afterward .. so feel free to ignore any references or jargon. -- Unless it has a "for philosophers" warning, then you're just on your own. Youtube videos: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCn1iuTuGf5PHfhYqZnqH4wA Gab account: https://gab.com/OccamsStubble DONATION IS MOTIVATION! :) BTC: 1QJfNGruUoiG1o8YNcKCKg66TsQuW48pCu LTC: LbRsfa1UFmopDw7y89XRw6hLTP7xAutere ZEC: t1Nn5Bb96U3r6qkhsT4oAY3hLbSKfFRNqTT DASH: XiPZKH5LhwLbJhmLvZn5ksNpa3KSeecEQy
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