Born in England, educated in Ireland, I started my career as a Graphic Designer. I've always wanted to make a positive difference and changed career to work in the third sector for 15 years. Then for four years I helped run recycling companies, which enabled me to raise over £7.5m per annum for good causes. Now self-employed I use my large and diverse skill set to provide a wide range of services, including graphic design, gardening, and business development. For pleasure I volunteer with local charities/worthwhile causes. I maintain my own kitchen garden as well as an organic allotment plot. I love to learn, reading non-fiction titles whenever I'm not trawling the net. I enjoy art, but only for pleasure. I've run a marathon, but I'm not sporty. I love dogs, but attract all the local cats. I'll try anything once, apart from drugs and bungee jumping. My personal goal it to make every day as productive as possible.
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