Coppers Poetry

I wish to share poetry with everyone. My YouTube is the same name so if you wish to listen go to my channel. 

Weaving a bit of magic with a few words.

Extraordinary how the quietest acts of resistance are part of what saves civilization

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I am keyboardist(paino), Music producer and Engineer.

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I'm all about the fun😀🏄 I'm captivated from life and I show it here. Follow my wall for tons of creative content to inform you and brighten your day😊

Seeker of Wisdom, Beauty, and Love Email: [email protected]. you may email me anything you wish and I will reply to all

##WELCOMETOMYCHANNEL 💖😘😘 You can always follow me for posts on various happenings such as memes, comics and Quotes. • I make posts on #MEMES #COMICS #QUOTES because i want to make my #FOLLOWERS #Experience some level of #LAUGHTER #MOTIVATION and #INSPIRATIONAL #QUOTES FOLLOWING my POST • Secondly i always #follow back when a new follower follows my channel within 24hrs so we can both have fun on the minds community. So nice having you as my subscriber. #Subscribe to my channel, Upvote 👍and #remind content which you love and always #comment to encourage me posting even more beautiful posts 🙏🙏🙏

The Grace of God is wat has brought us this far🔥🔥

Mar 2017
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