„Im dalej społeczeństwo dryfuje od prawdy, tym bardziej nienawidzi tych, co ją głoszą. Prawda jest mową nienawiści. Mówienie prawdy w epoce zakłamania, jest rewolucyjnym czynem” Rewolucjonista Prawdy, Husarz Wolności Słowa: "Jednego nikt mi nie odbierze: Ja jestem ja, ja, ja" Wolność Słowa na =

Polak, katolik Niepoprawny politycznie Człowiek gorszego sortu. A tak po za tym to biolog amator, pszczelarz i wielbiciel historii.

Better cannibalize life before life eats you up

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Life expert First of all - I am not speaking to make you feel good! I am speaking to wake you up! I am a very active member of minds community - if I decide to follow you and you post wise stuff - I will upvote, comment and remind your content day by day. I expect the same from you! I mostly post in English and am interested in both American as well as British matters - thanks to the fact that I’ve been learning English for over two decades - cultural context of English speaking world is not entirely alien to me. As due to contemporary changes Poland (my patria) is a very interesting and culturally unique country I keep reporting on it and sometimes present, translate and explain Polish matters to you westerners. If I post in Polish - I try to do it in the morning hours in Europe so that at least most Americans are not affected. I never boost my content solely in Polish without translation. Thank you for your time and attention - hope we will enjoy the ride! Beware:

There is hope for humanity.

Sep 2016
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