Rekieta Law
I am Anita from Red Bluff. I work as an Auditing clerk in Bountiful Harvest Health Food Store. My strong interest in reading historical and religious books. I always read new topics of blogs. Last month, I read a blog about Wazifa, it's based on wazifa for love get back. I read many blogs based on Vashikaran and black magic. It is my favorite topic.
IT Tech, Shitposter, Historian, Otaku
30 year old 2 time cancer survivor. Member the "hate" group comicsgate. Post occasionally but I mostly repost other people's thoughts.
I'm the sword created with more mind - cause...minds. Get it? ._.
I Stand With Vic
Independent Webmaster
I am a Artist and Theater Actor in Charleston WV
Get tough or die.
Hello, I am Aimee and I am from Bowling Green, OH. I live my life very happily by god grace. I want to become a successful person in my life. And my inspiration comes from my dad he is a very hardworking person. I want to explore all the latest technologies and about astrology. In my spare time, I spend time in library and reading new books.
Sep 2017
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