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Carlita Shaw is a British ecologist living in South America, she is a rain forest campaigner and independent environmental jouralist willing to discuss environmental issues that most mainstream news avoid.. Her work has been to raise awareness on the devastation the oil industry brings to people and planet, as we will reach record breaking extraction in 2018, of 99.3 Billion barrels of oil per day being bled from the rain forests, oceans and last great wildernesses of the Earth. We need to focus on other solutions such as solar cars, electric and water fuel cell cars, which are being repressed and their infrastructures are not being provided even though they are viable alternatives. The hydrogen fuel cell car that can travel thousands of miles before needing to be recharged, it can also provide enough domestic energy for a house. This is an issue that effects everyone, the oil industry feeds war, drives ecocide and corruption, we are all responsible for seeing the changes we want to see in the world. While people go about their daily lives, the Earth is suffering a Silent Ecocide, over 150 to 200 species of plants and animals are disappearing daily, what is ecocide? Ecocide, is an environmental version of genocide driven by the exploitation of oil and its war mongering oligarchs, all while we have viable alternatives. Book-The Silent Ecocide Book- Surviving Depression in a Depressing World, an Ecological Perspective. Ecology My Podcasts Sailing Beyond Knowledge Radio Interview with Sir John Searl, Free Energy Inventor Scratching the surface of Free Energy with Patrick Kelly

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Mar 2018
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