I agree and disagree with a lot of things, I only care about the ideas I agree or disagree with, not about who presented the ideas. I take what I like and reject what I don´t. I don´t label myself or identify myself with political or ideological terms, I am just me.
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Doctoral Research Associate in Biblical Studies at University of Jerusalem.
Pain in the ass that's still trying to work out whether or not to use my invisibility to fight crime or evil.
Busker - Articulated traveller - Talks to much. Resistance - Rebellion - Revolution
Dreamer, sci-fi lover, Astronomy and space travel enthusiast, thinker, husband and dad. 14 Words is my Sacred Code Nationalist.
Hi, I am none other than the eponymous inventor of fusion, general artificial intelligence, and faster than light travel. Yes, I will win the 2024 US Presidential election, by a landslide victory, as a write in, party free candidate. Your biggest fan: Alexandros Filth
Student of life, down to earth and still hopeful in humanity;
Sep 2016
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