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_______________________________________________________ Lucifer whispers in the darkness startling one to call out for his flame in of Fear for what could be out there unseen. Fear is the Mind-Killer, the Devil tricks you into forgetting you already have the light of the Lord within and it reveals all innately, all one must do is let Christ in to slay all Shadow and cast out the Beast in name and foul spirit. Crush your Enemies so they may never strike innocence again, for God and Country I'll stand alone if I must. Red Pilled in 1999. Peace through offensive discussion for the sake of preserving Logos. Anti-Porn, Anti-A.I., Anti-self driving cars. Pro-Human spirit, Books, and 454 Chevy's with Rocket Launchers. Veteran of the Great Meme War of 2016. Christ and Guns come first. These are my stories against the WireHead Commies of the Galaxy. #LogosRising #maga #dune #unBEARables #DoomSlayer #warhammer40k #trump #politics #ai #religion #history #America #CoalitionofCommonSense

Nobody Told Me There Would Be Days Like These

I am not referring to my adversaries as legal authority figures under western law it's simply an indicator of enemy adversaries like criminals, terrorist, radicals, rebels and NGO's. Hopefully that clarifies any confusion that other parties might have if they see me use the word adversary in a sentence.

Nothing. There is nothing. AI Puppet Master.

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Apr 2018
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