Just some guy with a camera/phone/computer and a little digital scarcity, taking chances, living. I WAIVE THE BENEFIT OF SECTION 2.1 OF THE ONTARIO CHANGE OF NAME ACT. BY WHAT AUTHORITY DO YOU ADDRESS ME BY ANY NAME, AND/OR, ANY INFORMATION DERIVED FROM ANY PUBLIC DOCUMENT? Doge DBoMNUTGoHFBvUwCG9bZzKtMQtNjVomchA ETH 0xC65A8B29ba621da2ABBFFaAa9C0cE17211b76cE0 Dash XbZrN8nixRcxeHWitLpf5b3ozMv3eMWs2D BTC 3N29B1h8dVFBUVVZeBai6fYq2M9rbQdoKQ
#Surety. I speak the Frenglish tout croche. Right/Left? NO! Right/Wrong. Founder https://www.tldr.quebec & https://www.natlapirate.com, Comm. Strat. for GoSeeYou, and producer of My Fucking Vanlife. The rest is none of your business - until it is. OpenSea: https://opensea.io/NatLaPirate
Minds Community Open Source Initiative (MCOSI), a community driven organisation, is a collaborative project between the community members of Minds.com and the staff members of Minds Inc. The MCOSI exists to support the community by providing assistance with the various aspects and facilities of the Minds open source social media platform. In assisting the Minds.com platform, the MCOSI provides support for the creation of up-to-date documentation, support in tracking and resolving bugs, as well as the provision of services in which community members can offer feedback and further suggestions. The MCOSI also endeavours to aid in the provision of source code and supplementary documentation for the ongoing development of the Minds platform. Minds Community Open Source Initiative is committed to working synergistically with Minds Inc. to encourage community participation and collaboration in the aim of supporting our revolutionary social media platform, Minds.com. ____________________________________ MCOSI Objectives: Support Minds Inc. in providing a social media platform that is dedicated to open source and free speech principles Support in the creation of documentation relevant to the ongoing development and support of the Minds open source framework Build upon providing transparent meetings that aims to discuss the provision and implementation of bug fixes, users support and further development ideas Support the community by enhancing the overall experience of Minds.com ____________________________________ * Website https://www.mcosi.org * Group https://www.mcosi.org/group * Channel https://www.mcosi.org/channel * Meetings https://www.mcosi.org/meetings * E-Mail [email protected]
Sharing Gifs and Pics that I find interesting or humorous. The majority of my posts are borrowed from someone else whom I'll credit if I can. HAPPILY MARRIED GRANDFATHER LIVING IN NZ.
I'm JUST SOME GUY™ Nobody important. Nothing to see here. Move along. To those who were watching me in 2008; Yes you really did see me do it. If you are still watching, you see that it was just a piece of something MUCH bigger that you don't fully grasp yet, but you know it will change EVERYTHING. So why am I not "famous"? I DON'T WANT TO BE! To want such a thing is madness, and I've seen what your kind do to the famous. You all have a preconceived notion about what the "famous" should be, and I am NOT that. To those who DID listen, I revel in your success. It genuinely gives me happiness to see you succeed. Use it to pay the debt you owe me. There's TRILLIONS of dollars worth of free shit just waiting to be exploited. Take what you need and give the rest to everyone. Show others what I showed you, and NEVER charge money. You can make your own money now, so there is no need to take it from others. Show the world how to BE more. Make sure everyone knows where you learned it. (Worthy people are my "marketing")
My capacity to learn is limitless. Sometimes however, its as slow as the internet connection.
Aug 2016
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