Original Art: plus the Art I love, or am charmed by in the moment. My essays: Ones written and published, or as yet unpublished. Views of what is happening around us: For I am Alice, in this Wonderland. Of course politics: who is not involved in politics? Its part of human communities no matter how small.. We are, after all, social beings. I am politically, a Constitutionlist. I'm in love with, and love, The United States FOR America..specially her Self-Correcting phenomenon. o.k. OF too. Those who know the difference know what I mean. I'll tell you, if you don't know. Intellectual absorption, search for, and insights into, wisdom and knowledge is my work. It shows up in many ways. I'm in love with Beauty. In the Classic sense. I seek Beauty in all I do, live, see, experience. And the adventure of it all..... A little of my background: Professional Artist and an Essayist. Restored 2 historic buildings The Spencer House circa 1865 and The Moline Commercial Club circa 1912. Restored and rebuilt the active Moline Commercial Club which began in1895. Ongoing work: Directing The Institute for Cultural and Healing Traditions from started in 1996. my website: website : Thos site is getting updated. In the meantime you can see my art on my Facebook Page. well as on You Tube Channel
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