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I post pictures of beautiful, odd, or exotic guns and knives, every day, I also show some knives you can buy for yourself. Subscribe for more!

Earth citizen. Preparing for Ascension. Born in Vincennes, France. Living in Tokyo. Co-running a recruiting agency. Father, husband and twin brother.

Power speak truth, speak truth to power.

Canadian who believes in logic, thinking, learning, gardening, organics, non-violence, feelings, intuition, cats, nature, ET's, angels, and balance. I tend to be a Conspiracy Factualist My name stems from many disasters overtaking me, and I keep finding something to continue Smiling about & get back on my feet. A description of my attitude as well as a reminder of Who I want to continue to be :) Short version is Fos. I like to see "the other side" of any issue, I just wish there was less name-calling and screaming. No need to be foul-mouthed. So I get involved in reasonable, if spirited, discussions and scan past the rest :)

Knight's Armament Co. Dealer Aimpoint, LMT, Magpul, CQD, GG&G, Vltor, Kinetic Develoment, Surefire, Blue Force Gear, Noveske, ADM, PRI, Radian and more.

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Co-founder Minds, Inc.

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The Houston Courant is your source for breaking news and opinion in Texas.

I am here to protect Free Speech and offend snowflakes. Let the Culture War Begin. . . What do you mean I’m late to the party? Who started without me!

Erased when labeled bipolar but just broken by the world around her.

Las Vegas
Sep 2018
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