III% Troops Country GOD America First Trump2020 American Patriot Hardcharger Asskicker of Duty Sleep is overrated we dont have the fucking time for that shit ya can sleep when your death !!
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Gibbs Tech Solutions is a MidWest-based tech support company specializing in affordable and ethical tech support throughout the United States. We are definitely no friend of Big Tech.

Hi! I'm a German-Floridian. Lived my entire life in Germany but recently moved to Florida to escape the tyrannical retards that now govern Germany. Most people in Germany are brainwashed bootlickers who bow down to their government overreach. My main attributes are : Father of nuclear family, Pure blood (unvaccinated), Modern conservative, Classic liberal, Doom (Videogame) Veteran, Unreal (Videogame) mapper, ArmA2 (Videogame) mission maker, Streamer since 2009, Image- sound- and video editor, Modder, Scripter and rookie coder, Care-giver, Prepper. Along with many more skills I have picked up during my lifetime. My political beliefs : Progressive Leftists, Socialists, Feminists, Antifa, BLM, LGBTQ+, SJW's and co. are mostly fascists/bigots/racists/pedophiles/hypocrites and are a new threat to our society. They have been brainwashed to incite hate/crime/intolerance/divisiveness trough social media and mainstream news. This will end with war and the only one who will profit from this, is the government and big tech.

The Blackrock Beacon🕵️‍♂️
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Truth Hides in Darkness, Until the Coming of The Light; Look and See, a New Dawn is Rising; The Sun Heralds the Return of Pride in Truth and Life and Light. Be this House like a Beacon in The Darkness, and a Place of Refuge for Seekers of Truth and Life through The Word. Telos: To help Build and Maintain a Community dedicated to Physical, Mental, and Spiritual Enlightenment and Empowerment. The Blackrock Beacon is the Minds-centric social-media platform for the non-profit "Center for Holistic Enlightenment and Empowerment", incorporated in FL. ✅💲 🔻 Scroll Down for Links to stuff (updates periodically) 🔻 Psst. Hey, you, wanna buy some merch? 💲BRB Media Store: 📙Substack: (articles; developing content / looking for writers!) 🔴Odysee: (On-Ground Coverage Stuff; Developing/Hiring) 🟢RUMBLE: (Under Construction; Developing/Hiring) ⭕BITCHUTE: (Under Construction; yada yada) Don’t have a Minds or Odysee account yet? 💡MINDS Referral: 🔴Odysee Referral:$/invite/@The.Blackrock.Beacon:8:

Welcome to President Trump 2024 where we continue our fight against Communism. We support the TRUE President of the United States Donald J. Trump. Quality Constructions | Quick Ships From Midwest | Satisfaction Guaranteed

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