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Hey i am MrFallingFury and i am a software engineer, kung fu fighter and i like to do artistic stuff. Basically i just love to create stuff. :) "We should never stop questioning our own believes and those of others, so we can always progress in our state of mind."
location_onVienna, Vienna, Austria

Hi my name is Joe. I like to draw. On this channel I will post comics once in a while.

Lady; Altruist; Self-reflection addict; Religion and philosophy lover; Skeptic; Atheistic Satanist

I am French I live just near the West coast of the Atlantic Ocean and I am crazy about photography and I want to share my passion with you you will discove the best photography you ever seen in your life! you can believe me. Send to me some points or money to continious to enjoy yourself, i will do the same for your best sharing! Merci ready to give 200 points to the new subcriber who share something!

"All media work us over completely. They are so pervasive in their personal, political, economic, aesthetic, psychological, moral, ethical, and social consequences that they leave no part of us untouched, unaffected, unaltered. The medium is the message. Any understanding of social and cultural change is impossible without a knowledge of the way media work as environments. All media are extensions of some human faculty - psychic or physical." ~ Marshall McLuhan

There is no greater risk than ignoring opinions you don't agree with

Artist, animator, student-designer. I work mostly on pixel-art. Working on a game and freelance whenever I can to not die. I'm 24 and I live in Latvia, Europe.

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I am an artist who mainly deals in pencil, acrylic, And digital media :] check me out at I do accept commissions to [email protected]  :)

Making music is what I love. I spend a lot of time on observing which I then transform into sound. My creations are #ambient #atmospheric #soundscapes with #drone elements. > listen: don't be afraid · make choices · be present · r e c o n n e c t

Vienna, Vienna, Austria
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