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Supporting Our Channel Has Never Been More Important (Updated) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingNov 17, 2020, 4:19:55 PM

  Let me start by saying if you're a user of our groups thanks for being a part of our little community here.   

We have promoted groups and users for a long time here on Minds and plan on continuing to do so, but we are going to need your support more than ever to be able to maintain our community.

  Whats Changed?  

 We have run our channel off promoting users that use our groups and hashtag along with our personal content like blogs, videos and more.  

Before the remind change the OP and our channel were rewarded for interactions on content from our reminds and we tossed out tokens to the best content as an extra tip. 

With the new remind system we will no longer be gaining anything from reminds or quotes.   

1.) All remind interactions count as OP rewards  

2.) Quotes do not gain rewards.

 In short promoting content from users will now gain us nothing, and eventually we will have to focus on only our content to gain tokens if we do not have supporters.  

We have created this blog so users in our groups know what we are doing and the current direction our little community is moving as we try working with this new system for reminds and quotes.  


1.)   Try to gain enough monthly supporters not to worry about gains from reminds and quotes.  (we are currently here)  

 2.) Lock groups for support.  ( Private member groups may be the way of the future here?)  

 3.)  Build up alternative networks  (Send content elsewhere so users can "steal" it and post here for rewards)  

 4.) Lock down community  (Require a member to be reminded from open groups)  

5.) Build our own reward system not based on Minds tokens (Requires a token to s end for rewards and a trader to sell/buy the token)

 6.) Find alternative that doesnt punish for promoting content.  (If nothing works move)   



 Where Are We?  

We are currently testing step one, this area will be updated if and when we move direction.  


We will be testing one-two months or tell tapped out on tokens, whatever comes first and give an update. 

 Other Info: Users might see more requests to support our channel inside groups, stronger moderation, and more membership only content being provided by us.   


What will make you change directions?  

 If we run out of tokens or feel we are not gaining enough support to maintain promoting our groups and users we will change to step two, we will keep this blog updated on what direction we are currently exploring. 

We will be testing each step for at least one month if we need to move in that direction.  


 What If Nothing Works?   

I cant promise it will and we may end up at the point where we can no longer maintain our community and groups on here because of the new change while this would be horrible news we will most likely move to a new alternative and build a new community.  

We want to be clear this is our last direction on the network and we will promote our new community and layout in all our areas before closing everything down.  

To Members

 I really just want to say thank you, this little community has provided me with so much great content, wonderful users, and we will continue to fight and use every card in the deck to be able to maintain them here, but if it all fails I want users in my little community to know it wasn't you, you are the reason we are here and the reason we are bothering with playing with other methods to maintain a stable community. 

No matter how much we would like to we cant run our community without something coming in to promote the community and content in it.

 Thanks for understanding and please support our channel by sending us a monthly wire, signing up for a membership, visiting our website, buying merchandise, and more as we play with keeping afloat.



We have built our own community ecosystem not based off the Minds tokens but creator tokens that support activities and original content inside our community.

Learn More About It Here: