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MintMe Vs Minds? #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingAug 27, 2021, 1:03:37 AM

Lets start off by saying we love Minds and have a clear bias towards Minds overall. However recently with our current token project we have been asked whats better Minds or MintMe. The one thing I want to point out is that we are using our token to support our Minds community and projects so we are putting value into Minds from our token creation. In the long run we want to show Minds the value in creator tokens and possibly gain enough interest in creator tokens that Minds implements them in some way, form or fashion. All of that said lets review these technology's and their features and benefits.

Social Media

Both networks offer some type of posting, however Minds social media is well more advanced allowing uploaded media like videos and images, and no need to format status posts not to mention blog posts, groups, and chat rooms...Minds easily wins in the social concept category.



Both sites have their own token, however MintMe also has their own blockchain that allows you to launch your own token on their network that users can buy with the network token, and once you make enough profit from your token you can launch it to a choice of blockchains. I have to say that the ability to create your own financial independence with a token makes MintMe an innovator in the creator/crypto space.

Locked Posts

Both networks allow you to lock posts, however unlike Minds on MintMe users must own your token to view your post over paying for a membership. This allows you to create a value for your token easily by producing content for users.


MintMe also allows voting for the network and your token, votes can be created by anyone that owns 100 tokens or more. Voting helps guide your content and creation as the larger holders in your token have more voting power. Minds currently does not have voting or polls of any kind to help guide your content creation towards your supporters


Minds allows users to boost content with the Minds token to the network to help your content gain views and rewards. Mintme has a home feed where you see posts from tokens you own but no real promotion for content beyond this and the main rolling “newsfeed”. This means you are way more likely to gain a following and views for your content on Minds.

Network Size

MintMe is a new network with a very small user base, with little in the form of actual content creators, when compared to Minds, we probably have more subs than Mintme has users.

Creator Value

As a creator the value of your work is very important to you, on MintMe your value is your token, and your token value is based of your content and supporters of your tokens through the locking posts, and then buying and selling of your token.

Learning Curve

High. MintMe focus is creator tokens, and trading of tokens and that's the foundation of the site. Where Minds started as a social media and evolved into the crypto space, MintMe started in the crypto space and is evolving into the social media concept.


While Minds rewards users for activity or users interacting with your content, and can be exchanged once onchain for ETH after gas fees on Uniswap or other swaps. MintMe allows users to trade their earnings from their token into ETH, BTC, USDC, BNB before sending it to an onchain wallet to cash out or swap for other assets. Because MintMe allows users to trade the house token on the network like this a much higher earnings value is possible and as your token value grows so do your earnings.



Overall Minds is a better social media, and Mintme is better for actual profit from your creation. However Minds has already admitted they have a rewards issues and informed the community they were looking for alternatives, so maybe its a matter of time before they adapt a similar concept for creators.


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