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Minds Abandons Users Rights Per Google(s) Demand. #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingJan 18, 2021, 7:35:07 PM

Recently the Google Play Store has forced stronger restrictions to the Minds mobile application. These new restrictions can really hurt the marketing of Minds. These restrictions also violates Minds Bill of Rights!


Bill Of Rights

Minds User Bill of Rights is located on https://www.minds.com/p/billofrights the introduction goes like this:

“ All communication over the Internet is facilitated by intermediaries such as Internet access providers, social networks, and search engines. The policies governing the legal liability of intermediaries for the content of these communications have an impact on users’ rights, including freedom of expression, freedom of association and the right to privacy.”

You will note inside the user Bill Of Rights:

“#5 Laws and content restriction policies and practices must respect due process.”

Minds has violated its user Bill Of Rights by restricting user comments and search on Minds without due process.

You will see they have confirmed they have knelt to Google demands and abandoned the User Bill Of Rights from the CEO Minds himself.


This Also Affects Marketing


With the new restrictions users that are downloading the mobile application from the Google Play do not have access to major features. These features include comments, search, NSFW material and possibility more. 

Although Minds is trying to keep its current user base informed of the changes. Users that fail to receive information on the changes and differences between applications are likely to think that Minds doesn't have as many features as it actually does, pushing users away from the platform.

Minds & Google History 


This is not the first head to head Minds has had with Google. 
Minds launched a boycott on Google in 2018 for limiting content to users and was then re-launched on the Google Play Store in 2019 (Same Blog). 

Google Play Store limitations have now expanded forcing users on Google Play from experiencing the full application, including standard features like search (2021).


Protect Our User Rights!

I think that Google will start hurting the reputation and influence of the Minds platform, features as time goes on and suggest Minds to walk away to protect our user rights on the service.

Allowing Google Play to impose these strict restrictions on Minds users, while allowing others to freely do as the please is something we as users and a community should stand against.


Before You Say It's Okay

I understand that some users may not agree with me on this article. They may even say Minds is doing the best they can to meet demands. They have the right to ignore the breach of contract between them and Minds.

 I and others who remind this blog article are asking you to stand up for our user rights on the Minds.com. 

Thank you as always for reading. If you are new here welcome to real open views, I blog on the good, bad and anything else having to do with Minds.          I hope to see you on our next blog!

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