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If Your Ranking Sucks Like Me Here Is Why :) (Minds Algorithm Part.2) #Op #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingMar 1, 2019, 12:17:14 AM

Okay lets get the debate out in the open are you ready? Hold on scratch that lets just get down to the detail and the new issue with rankings, I know and no I'm not sorry. What Minds has done with rankings is toss up there hands and say I give up lets make interactions a bad thing period.

Okay maybe its not always a bad thing but for you to interact it is a bad thing, to be interacted with is actually a good thing, but still overall interacting regularly and being overly active is now a bad thing. So if you didn’t get the I’m not sorry line above I wrote a blog not long ago about the Minds algorithm a while back, I’ll provide the link at the bottom of this blog. Anyways in this blog it was talking about the issues with the top channels or ranking on Minds, and I’m not saying that blog made Minds change the algorithm but soon after the algorithm was changed. Now with no user based change-log many of us overlooked this major change to the network so lets break down the basics here.

“Votes received = +2, Interactions Made = -1.5 ...Channels get ranked by total score over 12 hr period. This change was made so that the channels ranked most highly are earning the position by receiving votes because of their content quality, and not because they were mass-interacting with the network in hopes to get votes in return, as many users were doing. Everyone is still free to interact with as many users as they wish, but that just means that they need to be receiving a higher level of votes in return in order to be ranked highly.”

This is a quote by an admin on this thread .

Its not true is it? No, not for accounts like my own, with accounts like mine I will never be highly ranked as I like to interact with the community base, be it by up-voting, posting content, commenting, helping in support or whatever the case may be (and I don't see this changing regardless of the algorithms) So because I am a highly active user on the network that likes to collect their subscriber base by “grinding” in comments and interacting on the network I am never going to be highly ranked as the deduction for interaction is so high it only takes me interacting with another to go into the negatives. (The best part of waking up inst’ ranking up lol) But really who wants to start in a negative way, and go ahead and say you can get real interactions without interacting with other real users (or buying points for a boost). At any rate we need a way to fix the issue so on to the “clickbait”.

The Clickbait ;)

Not long ago I wrote a blog on community based tools as well as moderation and this is clearly also the answer with algorithms, allow users to design and make a custom algorithm that assigns them and others (the way they view them) according to the said algorithm they set. So in essence users could a just what was worth more and less to them be it up-voting, comments, subscribers, or reminds much like my proposed blog Full Community Moderation System ; A user based moderation and limit system. {Longshot} Where I talk about “User Limits:.” Only for algorithm settings as well, so my personal settings would look something like this:

- Up-Votes

Up-Votes +5.0 (For all registered up-votes per post)

- Down-Votes

Down-Votes -1.0 (For all registered Down-Votes)

- Reminds

Remind +3 (Registered user reminded content)

Remind Up-Vote Creator +0.7 (For reminded content to original poster)

Remind Up-Votes Reminder +0.3 (For reminded content to reminder)

Remind on Remind +0.5 (Reminder)

Remind on remind +0.5 (Original Poster)

- Comments

+ 0.3 (Registered user commented on post -ALL)

- Subscriptions

+0.3 (Resisted user subscribed)

This is actually a little more than Minds simple “Votes received = +2, Interactions Made = -1.5 “. The point being we should be able to assign these case values our-self in settings. At any rate I hope that users can see the need and want for the network to have user based tools and keep promoting and pushing for them in every case we can. 

What are your thoughts about the new rankings and what suggestions do you have if any?