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Full Community Moderation System ; A user based moderation and limit system. {Longshot} #MindsGaming #OP #OpenMinds

#MindsGamingNov 12, 2018, 11:41:33 PM

One of the many things Minds needs to work on is its user moderation system., I think we have not only highlighted many basic issues of the current system of moderation, but also other centralized Minds limits. Here we are going to recommend a user based moderation system.

A user based moderation must first consist of users themselves


A users should be able to participate in the user moderation system if they are both a verified user of the network and a registered user of the token program.

Using verified users protects the moderation system from a bot influx.

Registering for use of tokens verify they understand the basics of using the token on the network.

All users will be given a hashed ID for voting, logs and transparency.

This also allows any user to join the system and help review based off merits.

Boosting Moderation Que

All boosts should go to a moderation Que where users that are apart of the approval system can preform one of three actions.

Approved - Boosted to network {5 votes total}

Decline - Recycled for vote X 5

Skip - Skips post for the next user to approve, you will not see this post in your approval Que again.

These boosts will be presented in first come first voting on where skips will be the first vote for the next approve.

Approved Tiers: 0 - 100

Each user in the system will gain approval merit as they approve or decline posts. 1 merit will be gained for each post where other community voters agree with your decision and your vote came to pass. {If you vote approved and it gets approved you get a point}.

You will lose one point if other community voters did not agree with your vote and it gets declined. {If you vote approved and the post gets declined you will lose a point.}

You will not be able to vote on content from users whom have blocked you.

0- 20 merits

1 Vote

20- 40 merits

2 Votes

40- 60 merits

3 Votes

60-80 merits

4 Votes

80-100 merits

5 Votes { One out of five posts will still be evaluated by other voters}

Spam & Bots Que:

During normal usage users report spam, these reports can go to the community review allowing users to quickly act and suspend accounts tell reviewed by Minds.com ; If a channel is marked spam by mistake by the community at large the owner of the account may contact Minds via Help & Support, Email [email protected] or be granted a temporary lift by completing a "I am human Test"

A post must be reported five times as spam before going to the review Que.

A channel must be reported ten times before going to the review Que.

Both will be voted on a best out of three voting system according to the reviewers rank. If a channel is marked spam or a bot by the review system the channel will be suspended from the network tell the account:

1.) Preforms a "I am human Test" allowing them to post and continue to use channel and network,  Minds will review the account.

2.) Minds reviews the content or channel and does not agree with the community voters.

3.) The user contacts Minds and appeals the community vote.

- All posts and channels marked as a bot or spam should be reviewed by the network.

- This system has no privileges to ban channels.

Bot Reminds {make Advertisers}

To give back to the creators of the network and limit the production of bot rewards I think all reminds should be scaled where the creators receives 60% of all return making reminds more into an advertisement. I think this will not only give back to the network more but make creating bots less desirable on the network.

User Limits:

Users should also be able to set limits on their channel protecting themselves from spam, trolls, and malicious activity beyond what the user based moderation system could act on. This would be allowed in the user settings, allowing users to set limits to all activity's, including the ability to approve subscribers and reminds.

User controls would consist of limiting your channel subscribers, comments, reminds and votes, if your looking for more info read 'Everything Wrong with Minds Limits & A solution' 


We need to make hashtag manageable not limit them for users, and hashtag feeds should be managed by the first user who created the hashtag, for hashtags that have been long standing or can not be identified as to whom created them it should be a community system.

#NewHashtagsLoged - Creator Manages Feed, Users can still log spam to review Que.

#PopularTags - Moderated & manged by users with 80-100 merits in community moderation.

Declaration Of Decline

A decline should be clear and meet the Minds User Bill of Rights. As so each declined should list one or more of the reasons below, and each user of the review process must select one of these options to be declined by the community boost system. This Input is also logged with the review process and each selection will appear on your declined post awaiting appeal.

-  Is illegal; Minds has been notified of our vote.

*Users feel all speech on Minds should be under US LAW and as so you would not be able to boost illegal content as you can not post illegal content, and is also subjective to knowing and understanding speech laws

- Encourages or incites violence

- Threatens, harasses or bullies, or encourages others to threaten, harass, or bully;

- Contains personally identifying and/or confidential information;

- Maliciously targets users who are not public figures (@name, links, images, or videos);

- Impersonates someone in a misleading or deceptive manner;

- Constitutes “spam”;

- Is sexually explicit; or

- is boosted more than once in an hour.


If your post is declined after being recycled and voted on 5 times you can send appeals to Minds email [email protected] for a network review if you feel they still meet community standards.  All community moderation actions can be overruled by Minds Inc in a transparent way:

All overruled actions are logged with the community moderation program providing;

1.] Admin whom overruled moderation

2.] Clear and understable reason for ruling

3.] A comprehensive log on all votes with the system.