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Introduction to Minds Chat by #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingMay 6, 2021, 10:16:41 PM

The new Minds chat is here and it’s amazing! In this blog we are going to go over the basics of things like profile settings, notifications, as well as joining and creating rooms.


What is Minds Chat


Minds chat is a fork of the Element client for Matrix. Minds chat allows users to communicate with Minds users directly from Minds chat or on any server on the Matrix. Also this was our personal recommendation for Minds to implement into the sever so we are very excited and happy that it has finally arrived.

Minds Chat Features

Minds Chat has an abundance of features so we are only going to list a few here but plan to make help blogs on the features in time, make sure to keep an eye out for them if your interested. Here are some of our favorite features included with Minds chat.

  • Multiple uploads
  • Mass emoji reactions
  • PDF & Audio upload
  • Jitsi Widget for live video chat
  • Private or Public Encrypted Groups
  • Searching Users / Groups

Minds Chat Settings

Minds chat gives users a lot of control for personal settings like notifications, font size, and format of your chat screen, we are going to cover the basics of user settings here and will be posting more on experimental settings, and other advanced options in our chat help room. These steps are for the desktop version of Minds chat.


Turning Off X Room Notification

In the left sidebar you will have a list of rooms you have created or joined. To mute the notifications for the group hover over the group name and click the bell icon and select none. You can also set keywords, we will cover this later.

Turning Off All Room Notifications

You can also turn off all group notifications in your account profile. To do this click the down arrow next to your account name and then notification settings. You will be given a list of notification settings to toggle, find messages in groups and toggle it to the off position to mute all groups.


 Changing Font, Appearance & Theme

Now that we are already in our settings we can edit the appearance of the site. To do this go to the top appearance option . 

You will see areas to change into dark mode and customize your font. In the advanced options you can change the layout into a “ICR Style” or a “Modern Layout” if you wish.


Your preferences cover many options like turning on auto-play for GIFs, showing users avatar changes, displaying images for URLs, and much more that you may want to toggle and explore to your personal, well preference .

Blog Closing

Make sure to keep an eye out on future blogs going into labs, the call feature and security settings. Thanks as always for reading and make sure to drop by and say hi in our main community chat room.

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