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Exploring The Matrix Messenger (Minds messenger coming 2021) #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingDec 29, 2020, 9:12:20 PM


Minds basic peer-to-peer messenger should be seeing some major updates coming sometime in the next year. This is a huge need for Minds in the social media atmosphere.

We started using the Matrix server a few years ago, when it was called “Riot” as an alternative to discord. From that point on we have only fell in love with it more and more as time has gone on.

The Matrix sever was re-branded "Element" around the same time that New Vector Ltd. (the owners and developers of Matrix) stabilized sever connection issues, and made some tweaks to features so they were better streamlined to the user. 

The Element Matrix Services (EMS) has a stack of features for users but before we go over some highlights of these features we are going to go over the basics of the Matrix.

The basic concept of the Matrix is creating group chat rooms, where you can chat, share, upload, and exchange information. Anyone can create a group and they have full access and control or “ownership” of that group within the terms of service of Element.

The Matrix server is also open source, so you can import it into your websites or use it for your own personal needs, like Minds is planning on doing with the Matrix server!


We recommended it!

Of course we at MCOSI (Minds Community Open Source Initiative) may be a little bias with our love for the Matrix server as we recommended integrating it as Minds main messenger about two years ago now. Users who frequently connect and chat with us know we chat on the Matrix.  


The Best Features

Among the stack of features and ownership that comes with the Matrix server. Some of our favorites include:

1.) Jitsi

Like Minds "Gatherings" feature you can have a Jitsi meeting right inside the chat room!

2.) Custom Embed

You can set-up a customized embed for your website so users in the chat can view your site without leaving chat!

3.) Uploading PDF documents (and other files)

You can upload and share mass types of files with the Matrix including PDF documents!

4.) Its Encrypted

I mean this should be a given, I don’t think Minds would have considered it unless the chat could be encrypted.


Group Chat Rooms From Element.io



We are really looking forward to having the Matrix sever integrated into the Minds platform as the main messenger. This will bring a whole new atmosphere to the Minds networks, its groups and inter-connectivity between users on the site. We hope you will quickly join our chat groups on launch and start our next adventure inside the Matrix!



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The World Is Changing...  


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