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Can’t Monetize -What Now? (Updated)

#MindsGamingAug 18, 2018, 1:18:56 PM

Minds has a "Pay to Play" system that you can use to get paid for views, however some may not want to pay or not be able to pay for this upgrade. So here are some tips and tricks to getting donations :)

Donation Buttons:

Creating a donate button on already built sites, or giving out your donation URL may be a good start, the URL would look something like this:


Replacing your username in the appropriate areas. You can Find out more about your referrer URL in your settings under "Other".

Receiver Address

So we can send ETH p2p using the "MindsPay" system, but we also have other tools like our ETH recever addres,

When you enrolled in Minds rewards you had to assign a receiver address this receiver address is where you store your Minds Tokens on-chain to trade, sell, exchange or whatever in a decentralized manner, well the good is this same wallet accepts ETH!

That’s right simply by provide your receiver address to your supporters! Note you are asking for ETH not tokens, we’d recommend a wallet that support both so you don’t miss out if someone makes a mistake.

Provided it in your bio, blogs, video descriptions and anywhere else you are looking for support.

Is it Safe?

It is safe to display your wallet receiver address for a user to access it they would need your account name and password, and passphrase. All addresses are public ledger so users will be able to see your events, you can get a masker or forwarder if your worried about this.

Example from MyEtherWallet

Video Reference

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