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A Useable App From Minds? #MindsGaming

#MindsGamingMar 8, 2020, 6:18:08 PM

I have always had issues with the Minds app, it just wasn't feasible to use on a daily base as a content creator, but it seems Minds has made some major updates.

The last update for Minds mobile was a complete revamp from years prior not only making the app look a lot cleaner with dark mode, but also more user friendly and generally relatable to Minds users as a whole.

No longer are we stuck with a half functional app with features hidden all over the place and a mass amount of unsupported file types, not to mention the general errors. We now actually have an app that even I could recommend a user to download, and that's saying something.

Moblie App (left) VS Mobile Browser (right)

As seen the app provides a lot more quick options for things like messenger & hashtags, and brings almost all the features of the desktop version with new App for Minds. I have to say a job well done I can almost use this app!

Left Wanting

Unfortunately for me I also create groups and blogs on a regular base so this app still doesn't meet all my needs like group moderation, or blog creation. And yes people do actually write blogs on mobile, and I personally need to be able to maintain my groups. Overall I really like the direction the app is moving, hope you keep running in the right direction with this one :)

If you are interested in checking it out for yourself make sure to download the latest version from the Minds website . Thanks as always for reading catch you on the next one!

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