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Minds Mobile - The running joke

MindsGaming Community Apr 4, 2018, 3:48:21 PM

When Minds updated their system to run cryptocurrency on the network they did a good job on desktop with just a few issues and fixes that need to be accomplished, however they dropped the ball when it comes to mobile users. Minds is no where near up to speed on mobile web or the officail Minds mobile app having very user basic mistakes.

Minds Mobile App

4.) No playable links

5.) No full screen

6.)No trending tags

7.) No blog creation

Overall if I were to rate the app it get 1 star as I can post and comment most the time (unless a gif or unsupported file for that no errors are present.) I think they completely dropped the ball here with at least one complaint a day having to do with the mobile app. Overall the app is almost worthless as a daily active user.

Mobile web

Mobile web is okay although simple things are formatted incorrectly making features hard to use and making the the site less funtional.

1.) Messenger

2.) Blogs

3.) Search

The mobile web is by far a better choice and lots more funtional, although the functions may be harder to use overall compared to desktop.

I truly believe that Minds needs a web boxed app that works in landscape or full screen after formating is fixed of course making it a fully featured app with the same functionality as mobile web and as close to desktop functions as possible.

The Mobile revolution is something that Minds needs to keep in my in this poorly planned and executed application.

Oddly enough the app has a pretty high rating in the play store, but with the lack of detail and poor execution it's clear these ratings are based of the concept of the network not the app itself.