American Vietnamese/Khmer Chef Check out my groups for more photos! Bubble Tea & Dessert https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/885781916750069760 Cambodia https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/886082102250827776
DO NOT SUBSCRIBE IF YOU ARE A SPAM BOT YOU WILL BE REPORTED AND BLOCKED Hey I like #flowers I also make YouTube and Minds videos occasionally. I am vegan, I love permaculture, photography, gaming somewhat, reggae and some styles of cloud rap. Fuck fascism and communism. I want to found a small tribalistic permaculture commune sometime in the future. If you donate a token to me I will put your name on my wall of fame for a week also :) Wall of Fame (Thank you for your support) @chesschats
Self taught Artist Blacksmith, avid skier, avid whitewater kayaker, outdoor loving, family man.
I'm an amateur photographer based in Portugal. Black and whites, nature, skies and decay is what I like to work with. Cheers!
Welcome to visit me. From the first I said: Have a nice day. * Story : - I am a shy girl, especially afraid of ghosts, hate insects, .. - I like good food, listen to music, collect good photos, ... - I like playing the guitar, watching beautiful pictures, .. Besides, I also learn karate and I do not have a boyfriend at the moment. * VOTE, REMEMBER, REMIND === >>> Thanks for my channel. @JamesN - Ảnh Gif đẹp nhất trên Minds Thank you for your support and please, Subscribe to this channel: @JamesN - The best Gif picture on Minds @JonaMiler @Karik1990 @TLCBQuit @namgiangnet
^ Look at me now <
Nienormalny Białystok On Minds.Com - OFFICIAL PROFILE xD We are from Poland greatest county on all world like Borat said. We are sarcaistic dicks and assholes ;) Welcome to our shitty world :)
Hi, I'm a 100% independent and 100% self-funded researcher and writer about Syria and the Middle East. I've spent many months traveling around Syria the past two years on five trips, and about 7000 hours researching it.
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