Stop pretending that society should be your plaything, and that you could run it to good effect — we need more freedom. Those who support strictly limited government, and wish to eliminate interference and violations of individual rights, have no burden of proof to those advocating for elaborate social policies — such as forced health care or subsistence payments (such as Medicare and Social Security, for example). That is, if you advocate for government to force others to follow your dictates, you must prove that no one is harmed. While those that advocate for leaving others alone have nothing to prove. I want my freedom and your freedom, so I do not have to prove that I'm not harming you, because I'm telling you I will leave you alone, provided you do the same. Simple. Freedom does not need a proof—if you wish to deny freedom, then the onus is on you to provide the proof of no harm. Of course, such proof is never provided, precisely because it is impossible—someone will always be harmed. And so we see an endless stream of lies attempting to justify every reduction of freedom.
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