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1. Introvert 2. Gearhead 3. 420👽 4. Gamer 5. MEH Don't expect much ✌️ First post is pinned I change the station daily, no comercials, just open in new tab and enjoy, music 24-7, you can also get the apk for mobile, there is like 90+ stations... dont have any profit from it, just think its a cool apk. I post once a day 10-15 pics and vids I think are funny and interesting + reminds from subscribers. I try to visit all of you who come up in my notifications. Plus I visit 20-30-40 random subscribers each day to upvote, remind comment... Still have a regular job so I do this in my free time. Thanks for taking time to read this, and have fun.
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A native of California, with a BFA from Rhode Island School of Design, T Barny has been creating sculpture professionally for over 38 years. During his career, T Barny has produced over 700 works in steel, bronze, wood and water but his fascination is with stone. He has carved 204 kinds of different rock, his work has been shown in over 100 galleries worldwide and has participated in more than 400 individual and group exhibitions. T Barny has been an Artist-in-Residence in locations such as Greece and Italy, though the majority of his work is done from his home studio in Healdsburg, California. “I aspire to create sculptures that reflect a universe filled with magic and wonder. I have imported personally collected stone from quarries around the world for over 38 years, carving sculptures from massive blocks of calcite, alabaster, granite and marble. I allow myself to be guided by the natural rhythms of the stone.” It is T Barny’s great love of stone as a medium that allows him to create evocative works that continue to grow in their market presence and are becoming increasingly sought after in both private and public collections.

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I used to be a Twitter user like you, then I took an arrow to the knee. Locked down in California. I like 3d art. I play video games. Thanks for visiting!

explain it to me like I'm a five-year-old

Pictures and Posts about traveling life and MORE!!!

Being a Parent isn't alway fun and games. Let's share some serious, fun and laughable moment of being parents. When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves. I love commenting and remind my subscribers posts. We are all on this train together. My rule is if you keep ons being active on my posts I'll do the same for you 😉 and of course the posts you have need to be of the same content as mine so I can remind it. Viktor E. Frankl #mom #momslife #parenting#funtimes #reality #funwiththekids #wecandoit #kids #children #letschangetheworld #futureadults #beingaparent #unconditionallove #makeitcount #dadslife #dadisthebest #dadismyhero #lifeisgood #toddlers #toddlertantrums #tantrums #terribletwos #givemeabreak #adulting #doityourself #supermom #superdad #superparenting #cantlivewithoutthem #givememore #pleasehelp #trust #funny #love #comedy #fun #motivation #life #positive

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Jun 2015
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