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Human⚡️Living Artist and Soldier for the Good God 🔥 🌞🌞 ‘.,;:”-•*^~.,_✍🏻 my btc address: 1BEBnN1pV1J8zibLzFFmveL9rB5fupdYbU my ether address: 0x090F9C20453d1a7b10acE202D82c89F6c73c04f9 🇦🇷
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CURSOS GRATIS PARA EMPRENDEDORES// CURSOS GRATIS PARA EMPRENDEDORES// Cursos online gratuitos y específicos para pequeños empresarios y emprendedores. Videos, Tutoriales, Guías...

TWENTY3 INTERACTIVE VIDEO CHAT CONTACT US FETLIFE PATREON CRYPTO DONATIONS TWITTER TWENTY3 is an interactive video chat where events take place. Play Parties, Workshops, Performances ,BDSM Sessions ,Debates, Information ,Music ,Art, Wrestling ,Fetish Parties, Exhibitionism …. and more. We do this because it has been in our blood since the dawn of time. TWENTY3 has no profit or commercial purpose, it was born out of passion, and to give a safe and uncensored space to people interested in BDSM, Fetish, Kink in all its forms, artistic, political, professional, amateur, informative, playful. The main purpose of TWENTY3 is to spread information and culture. TWENTY3 has three main rooms THE FREE ROOM : it is the main room, free, open to all, used for play parties and free events. THE PRIVEE ROOM : it is an additional room, protected by subscription or password ( depending on event). It is used during the events, selected users will have access to it, the conditions for accessing it will be communicated in the event information. THE 23 ROOM : it is the room where the events are held for a fee. It’s activated only when events take place. Access to this room requires the payment of a ticket . The gains obtained are given to the Performers organizers of the event. Performers, ProDom, Artists, Riggers, Intellectuals, Exhibitionists and anyone else interested in organizing an event in this room can contact us on our Fetlife profile . The FREE ROOM and PRIVEE ROOM can be freely used by anyone to create appointments. THE ROOMS ARE ACCESSIBLE ONLY FROM COMPUTERS, NOT FROM MOBILE DEVICES To stay updated on the activities, add us or follow us on Fetlife and follow our group. PROFILE – GROUP Your privacy on TWENTY3 TWENTY3 pays close attention to respect for privacy and anonymity. It is a totally safe space, no tracing or recording system is present in the rooms. The rooms are simply private by design. All rooms are ephemeral: they only exist while the meeting is actually taking place. They get created when the first participant joins and they are destroyed when the last one leaves. If someone joins the same room again, a brand new meeting is created and there is no connection to any previous meeting .

I am a Project Manager. But outside my profession, i can be nice and a lover of adventures. and most of all, i can be an Icon.

This Channel Is A Fan Page Dedicated To My Favorite RTS Video Game Franchise, The Command & Conquer Series. Here We Focus Primarily On The C&C Game Command & Conquer Rivals.

My name is Anwar from Morocco. I'd love to get to know new friends.

The Observer is the Observed Passionate about all things plants. Polyculture, Herbalism, Plant Law, Garden Stone and Rockery A garden by a windy cliff #herbalism #garden #wildflower #secretgarden #isleoflewis #hebrides #permaculture #deepecology #environmental #ecology #regeneration #nature #spirit #beauty # Deep Ecology: An awareness of the oneness and interconnection of all life and its cycles of change and transformation.

I am an #Anarcho #Eco #Feminist #Communist highly interested in #Permaculture and new open source technologies that will help the people to own the means of production. I believe in a future where we all live in small self sufficient communities using 3d printing and mesh networks to co-operate on a global scale. In such a future we will all be able to pick from a wide range of communities and be able to live in the communities that suit us and the lives we want to live. I am currently building one of these communities as you can see here If any one wants to help the #revolution, see how my community develops, or just plain talk about #futurism and why we should take action to change the world then feel free to add me here :)

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Aug 2018
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