Author of the Gaia Girls book series, city councilman, yogini, tap-dancer, goof.

I'm just one man in the sea which is the internet.

I am calling out bad science. There is lots of it: silly PhDs, shoddy methodologies, ridiculous topics of research. Most of that stuff is published in peer reviewed journals. Lots of bad science comes from the SJW community. Apparently, it is not politically correct to speak out about it. Whatever. I post reviews of very peculiar publications.

You can directly contact me at: [email protected] Content Creators: You can freely reference my work in any work that you do regardless of the platform.

Cannabis loving women...and stuff...

Hot women, nudes, art, etc. I'm not sure about the guidelines for nudity but I'm not censoring any of my posts so if you don't want a fat wet vagina and tits popping up in your feed you have to block me. Negroids will be blocked. Go back to loving your own nasty skank dirt women. Thank you. More hot channels below. @Secksie @DailyBabes @TheSatanicGardener @The_Rain_King @fzs600 @Malklover

23 year old German. I'm interested in politics, gaming, photography and travel. Countries I've visited:
🇺🇸🇻🇳 Also I'm one of the good vegetarians that doesn't give a fuck about what you eat 👌🏻😂

Jul 2015
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