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Welcome to Fort Livingroom. Definition: A term describing where active US Army personnel go after their enlistment is over- back home! Living Room is pronounced as one word, so that it sounds almost like the name of the prison (aka Fort Leavenworth) Source: Urban Dictionary We are a small group of U.S. Military Veterans hell-bent on making our lives (and yours) easier, more comfortable, or giving you your laugh for the day. We muse, we pitch products that we use, and we bitch about, well, pretty much everything. Force Recline!

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Raconteur, bon vivant, boulevardier, Libertarian conservative, NYT bestselling author and star of the new Netflix documentary "Get Me Roger Stone." VISIT:

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Of the horrors of war we hear every day And of death and destruction in cities far away And any lesson it would seem not learned from the past And mistrust and enmity for centuries last. Through hatred and warring peace is never won And one war leads to more wars when all is said and done And hatred is handed down from father to son For to start off a war it does take more than one. Those who for their sense of revenge extreme violence pursue To their higher selves they can never be true The value they place on human life seems very cheap But the karma they sow is the karma they will reap. Where mistrust and hatred is rife peace it never does grow The war supposed to end all wars ended decades ago But lessons not learned from the past and it does seem sad to say That in war zones more people are injured and dying every day. Francis Duggan #Veteran #Vietnam #NAM #supportourtroops #CVMA #thousandyardstare #AgentOrange

I'm a new indie author of speculative fiction. I got my B.S in Natural Resource Science but soon went back to school for my Special Ed. Teaching Credential. I started writing about 5 years ago while I was working full time. I've decided to devote my time to writing full time. I will post snippets of my stories, ask for beta readers on occasion, and post notices of books as they are finished.

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