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Red Eden: Sons of Mars | Table of Content

ME2007VigilApr 24, 2019, 9:59:25 PM

A nuclear EMP attack sends Earth back to the stone age, leaving the colonists of Mars as the sole inheritors of humanity's legacy. 

A century later, the Martians send their first wave of colonists to resettle the cradle of humanity. They inadvertently awaken an old-world tyrant known as the Mother of Lies, a self-styled goddess whose madness is matched only by her ruthless cunning. 

The two factions compete to reshape humanity in their own image. The Martians envision a future wherein the individual is the master of his own destiny, but also the architect of his own misery. The Mother of Lies envisions a civilization wherein each individual is part of a hive-mind, equal and identical in every way, living eternal lives of perpetual bliss and harmony. The primitive Earth-natives must choose a side and pray to whatever gods they worship that the victor will uphold their promise of a better future.

Links to each chapter can be found here:

Teaser trailer

Chapter 1: Ethical Warfare

Chapter 2: Dark Side of the Moon

Chapter 3: Mother's Scolding

Chapter 4: Mutually Assured Destruction

Chapter 5: This Is My Boomstick

Chapter 6: Remember Who We Were

Chapter 7: Lochness Monster

Chapter 8: The Merchant City

Red Eden: Sons of Mars is the sequel to my first book, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound. To catch up on this series, please click the following link, which will re-direct you to the table of content:


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