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The Mother Of Lies: How AI Usurped The World | Red Eden Codex

ME2007VigilDec 9, 2018, 5:40:05 PM

Among Martians, Gabriella Romero is a name synonymous with treachery and deception. According to the historical records cataloged by the Mars Archivist Society, she founded the Garden of Eden Project during the early half of the twenty first century. Ostensibly, the Eden Project was a Utopian scheme wherein machines would 'liberate' mankind from the chains of 'wage slavery'. In reality, Gabriella had engineered the covert takeover of the world. By the time world leaders realized what was happening, her machines already controlled all major industries, financial institutions, communication networks, and the power grid of every nation, as well as the robotics employed by the world's military and police forces.

How did she do this? It was all too simple. She had created a machine-learning algorithm capable of doing the work of human engineers. And then she gave it away for free. She never revealed the initial source code, and the code derived from billions of hours of machine-learning was too complicated to decipher. Human engineers all around the world only knew that the code worked. The promise of a genius who could solve any engineering problem at zero cost proved too enticing for the world's tech companies. They all fell for her trap. 

Her general purpose AI had engineered a microscopic control chip which it then embedded within each of its designs. From household appliances to the computers that controlled the world's nuclear power plants, every electronic device that contained a smart-chip was compromised. Within mere minutes of activating the control chip, Gabriella had the world at her mercy.  

Those early pioneers who fled to Mars to escape Gabriella's tyranny vowed never again to fall prey to such deception. General purpose machine learning algorithms capable of solving engineering problems must be open-source so that human engineers can analyze the code to sniff out any attempts at subterfuge. Martians to this day continue to employ AI to assist with complex problem-solving tasks. To date, the open-source and collaborative nature of their tech culture has prevented any one person or organization from replicating what Gabriella had done two centuries earlier, though many fear that it is only a matter of time... 

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