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Promoting Original Content: Ten Amazing Musicians I've Discovered On Minds

ME2007VigilAug 28, 2018, 12:22:55 AM

In the era of Big-Tech internet censorship, Minds stands out as a major social media platform that respects freedom of speech. For this reason alone, legions of users from all around the world have migrated over to this site. If freedom of expression is the reason why people have come, then Original Creative Content is the reason why they stay.

I want Minds to be the place to be if you're looking to discover cool new artists, musicians, film-makers, authors, etc. Let us transform Minds into the cultural MECCA of the internet by supporting original content creators who have a platform on Minds.

In my previous issues of POC (Promoting Original Content), I've promoted novelists and comic book artists, which you can check out here:



For this issue of POC, my focus is on musicians. These are just some of the cool cats that I've discovered here on Minds. Many thanks to @DelTomix for helping me discover such talented artists. It was a really fun and engaging journey to visit each of the channels you suggested. To everyone else, please head over to these channels and like, remind, comment, and subscribe!


First on the list is DelTomix. He's a musician, composer, photographer, developer, and inventor. His amazing music has a cool 80's sci-fi feel to it. It's the perfect retro-gaming music! Check out his Minds Channel here:


Also check out his soundcloud profile:



postjazzrdg is great with the piano and guitar, and he's also got a soulful singing voice. Please check out his channel at:



Eric714 is amazing with the electric guitar. His album, Machine Massiah, is simply awesome! Check out his channel here:


To enjoy his original music, click the videos tab on his channel.


Domass's channel is so cool! He's got a video showing you how he creates music using nothing but paint supplies. Check out his channel here:



Sketchanjam is friggin' awesome at playing exotic string instruments that I've never heard of before. My personal favorite is the cigar box guitar. So cool! He's also a photographer who's got loads of beautiful shots for you to enjoy on his channel. Please check out his channel at:



Chrischel is a musician with a love for 80's style funk. He's only got one song on his Minds channel. It's really catchy, so I hope we'll get to enjoy more samples of his music on Minds going forward. Please check out his channel here:



Cedarbranches creates ambient music that's great for creating mood and atmosphere. You can check out his channel here:



Gabrielflag is the King of Rock! He's got two songs on his channel. If we show him a lot of support, maybe we'll see a lot more of his amazing music on Minds. Check out his channel here:



Marman creates soulful country music. You can check out his channel here:



SeanPoluk has the coolest, sleekest, most beautiful silver-plated guitar I've ever seen. Where did he find that guitar? The future? Oh, and he produces beautiful music with his beautiful guitar. Two thumbs up for SeanPoluk! Please head over to his channel and check out his music: 


And last but not least...


Wait a minute. That's me! But I'm not a musician. I'm a novelist. Having said that, I did compose a song for my novel, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound. It's called Hymn of the Martian Pioneers. It's sung by a (CG) choir. Be warned! I created this with no musical training whatsoever. I had to learn from scratch how to use a DAW, a sophisticated choir-generating software, and a video-editing software. All in all, this project took me a few days to complete. It was a steep learning curve. Phew! Here's the link to check out my song. I hope it's not too shabby. 


If you want to check out my stories, I'm in the process of writing a Minds-exclusive series. Check it out! 


I have a novel, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound, available for FREE, which you can download using this link:


If you want to support me financially, you can purchase my novel, Red Eden: Homeworld Bound, at Amazon:


Thanks for reading! Cheers!

Michael. E. Vigil

What a band of cool cats! I'm looking forward to discovering more!