@MAGAlionHAT “There are two types of hats in this country; pussies and lions.”

Anything it takes to be eligible

Leader of the free world (the position was abandoned and left vacant. I assumed it.) Any true blue red blooded Americans left in this country? We've come full circle in America, It's time for revolution. FYI: I don't support Trump/republicans or Biden/democrats. I only support America; for me that is: the country, the constitution, fellow citizens, and Liberty. When you get to the bottom of the rabbit hole, I be waiting there to guide you down the yellow brick road to freedom. 😎👍🏽

(real) environmentalist , "new" Japanese (日本人) , liberty lover , analyst ,crypto , farming enthusiast , chef with license and probably still forgetting something . *know some about occult !

I breath music and toy its instruments, I'm loaded from my hair to toes' nails with entertainments. I love to express my feelings with graphics and visual. The worst fact about me is, I passionately love those who love me and pretend to love my haters. NFT:

Proud American #patriot; #WalkAway from #Dems 1998; registered Independent; "émigré" from People's Republic of Massachusetts; #prolife #Catholic #NotreDameCathedralLivesOn; #conservative #MAGA #KAG #AmericaFirst #SaveAmerica; #BCAlumni #ForBC #AlwaysAnEagle Suspended from Twitter for truth-telling (Badge of Honor); Parler: SeacoastEagle2; Gab: SeacoastEagle3; New Hampshire Seacoast Region

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Evangelist, Kingdompreneur, Author, Exclusive Speaker, Timbuktu Manuscripts Librarian, Malian Historian, Crypto Investor, Daily Pay, Private Banking & Group Economics Coach. Emperor Israel Ag Nouh Yattara's community resources:

I just want to make you smile,subscribers are most welcome.

Author of BEHEAD ALL SATANS. Also wrote: The Tainted Turd. Banned multiple times on Amazon. Currently available for sale:

Nov 2018
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