The world is strange. I never thought that I would find more and more of this change for this crazy change to become politically correct, which ends up ignoring the needs of most of us to intergrate. Come on. Are you honestly trying to tell me you are in favour of making us accept this?? I laugh at your crazy ways and I think the more I find, the more I laigh. The harder I find it to accept your stuff. A little about me: I moved to Oslo (Land of the midnight sun) but I was living in England. It is nice here. I can report in a weird way. Have I become sceptical?.... perhaps... Also known as Weird and Wonderful on WordPress. . I also promote Black metal and I love Midgardsblot: Groups: Inferno Festival Inferno Festival: Tons Of Rock: But it all started when I went to Download Festival:

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Aug 2018
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