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Love means never having to say you are sorry...

Gia Đình Happy
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"Có một nơi để về, đó là nhà. Có những người để yêu thương, đó là gia đình. Có được cả hai, đó là hạnh phúc." ---- @GiaDinhHappy chia sẻ những triết lý sống ý nghĩa mỗi ngày cũng những kinh nghiệm, bài học cuộc sống quý giá. Hãy theo dõi kênh để nhận được những tinh túy trong cuộc sống.! ---- HÃY THAM GIA GROUP VÀ CÙNG NHAU CHIA SẺ NHỮNG TRIẾT LÝ TRONG CUỘC SỐNG

Love what you see here with my impressive original posts, well, you can profit out of it too. I create art, animations and trending designs, also I accept custom art commissions. So leave a like, a message, remind,or wires, just like what every art and anime lovers does here. All wires gratified.

Di Fruscia is a World Fine Art Nature & Landscape Photographer. He has set his goals to inspire others in keeping a positive attitude towards life, make them aware of the beautiful world we live in and to always reach out for their dreams. His quest to become a better photographer will never cease. He personally thinks that the learning curve is endless, and he has only himself to criticize when he feels that he is not living up to his artistic endeavors. Constantly searching for those rare magical moments when the Perfect Light embraces nature in all its glory, you can rest assured – that this is only the beginning of a long and dedicated quest to capture the breathtaking beauty of nature.

Commercial Fashion Photographer/Retoucher located in TX.

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