I am a bit of a dork and can be shy at first. My name is Stephanie Anne Rebecca Dover-Lee. But everyone calls me Tink I just may be the real Tinkerbell. Puberty was real weird for me. Besides. I have a little problem... .....cause when I fart, Pixie Dust flies out of my ass!!! AS IF!!!!!!! Cheerleading was once my life. I'm scared to death of being in front of an audience... weird considering I was in front of people all the time cheerleading. Go figure......... I love music. I couldn't live without it. Favorite thing ever. My friends mean the world to me. There have been times that i just wanted to cry and they make it all seem better... even if it is just a little bit. I'm a pretty creative person I wish I could draw better. I love painting. Its very calming. Buffy is my favorite show ever. Thats it, I think...... :) Random Facts~~~~~ I wash my hands a lot. I tend to brush my teeth up to 5 times a day. I wear a size 4 ring. I am a chronic masturbater. Literally only one person knows everything about me. A boy!! Weird huh? I drive a Mustang. I've "hit" my car 2 times. First time wasn't my fault. Hoe hit me!! I fucking swear!! I cuss all the time. I love thunder storms. I write in pen. Even though I like pencil better. When I was little I tried to make myself left handed. I don't look in the mirror in the morning. I Love... Snow. Coffee Beans. Raspberry Red Bulls. Green Apple Lollipops. Taking Pictures. Sleeping. Dancing. Puffy Dresses Pettiskirts Long Full Skirts Buffy My Friends. Ice Cubes. Gum. Mints. The Color Pink. MP3's Doodling. Boys. :) Girls!!! :P Music. Singing In The Car. Guitar Hero. Cheerleading. Reading Magazines. Reading Good Books. Spinning In Circles. Dogs. Cuddling. Hugs. Laying On The Floor.

I am a old nerd with a big heart, I love movies above all other form of entertainment. I have a YouTube channel dedicated to movie reviews and other topics important to me. I hope you will show it some love. I will show love back.

A Kansasn just trying to make due to what he's got. Gamer, reader, and nightshifter in the land of Oz... PC Gamer and mini-itx form factor fan, YouTube videos are purely raw game dumps from PC or snips from my PS4 gaming time, yes amateur sums up my video skills. I'm a real big fan of Planetside 2, so most footage is from that. Steam: -Blam!- That Nanner Puddin' Xbox: That Confused 1 Planetside 2: NuNanners on Connery server (Vanu faction.) PSN: ThatConfused1

All is all. Viva all! *Praise Kek* Liberkek, I care about #FreeSpeech and #Liberty I believe this #Philosophy affords us so much, both in terms of the good and the #Virtue both in and of it, and what it gives us 'it;s end point' or 'Max liber' I believe it to be our most powerful weapon against tyranny and opression. It's protects us but we must also protect it. I will do everything in my power to fight for it as many seem happy to give it up in exchange for a false virtue. I like #breakbeats and #dnb and loads of other stuff. I like other shit and dislike alot more but you havent read this far anyway so herp a derpyy dick knob. #FreeKekistan #Kekistan #Shadilay

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I'm come from Vietnamese, I love peace, love the nature and beauty of flowers. Thank you for subscribing to my channel, vote and remind my posts. That's a great thing for me. Thanks everyone! ---------------------------------------------------------- Group Hỗ trợ và trợ giúp sử dụng Minds cho người Việt Nam:

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