I make weekly Original Videos from all various sorts of things on the internet. Join me in my quest to do battle with the fake news media and to restore free thought and free speech to a world that is trying to destroy it! Here's All the Places you can find me and my original work!: YouTube: VID.ME: Gab: Patreon: Minds: Twitter: Facebook: SoundCloud: Pro Trump Shitposting Make memes spicy again.

InfoWars/NewsWars foreign correspondent seek Truth | know Truth | speak Truth

At this point I just crush the blackpills to a fine powder and rip lines of truth off my dining room table.

Welcome people! My page here is gonna be mostly sports and politics. I get a lot of enjoyment from both and it's easy to write about them. 

Best Selling Author. Lover of hedgehogs & Freedom.

Fighting for Freedom & Liberty on the Frontlines of Truth Journalism #Infowars TUNE IN 24/7 at (link:

Permazucced white nationalist. Admin for MAGAMan and more. Forever controversial.

Jun 2015
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