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Online home for members of the Body of Christ for the training and promotion of the Children of God as Ambassadors for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20).
location_onThe New Jerusalem - the Mother of us all. GALATIANS 4:26

I'm not who I think I am. Probably posting about #gamedev

Lover of uranium and thorium bearing minerals. Cultural appropriator of West Africa, the Middle East, and India through drumming. Cultural appropriator of Brazil, India, Thailand, Italy, Mexico, China, and the Middle East through cooking.

Infowars Reporter and Political Activist millennialmillie.com

Hello, my friends, welcome to my channel! On my page you will find topics related to craftsmanship, music, games, politics, and anything medieval. Free speech and civility are important to me. We should speak truth, and be equally willing to listen when others speak wise words. I am currently living in Daegu, South Korea and enjoying the beautiful country, temples, and castles. Feel free to chat and I will do my best to reply. If you can, subscribe so we can make this corner of the web a larger, better place. Thank you, all. Safe travels! I am currently living in South Korea. My @TAK_In_South_Korea page is basically defunct. You can follow my travels here :)

I identify as an anthropomorphic bird. My pronouns are: "Ka-kaaah!" "Screeech!" and "Squawk!" You will respect me and my pronouns or I will have you reported for Thought Crime. Be lazy and don't make the effort to harass anyone I make a video on.

Me nicole lamarche,I love Advanture.

I am French I live just near the West coast of the Atlantic Ocean and I am crazy about photography and I want to share my passion with you you will discove the best photography you ever seen in your life! you can believe me. Send to me some points or money to continious to enjoy yourself, i will do the same for your best sharing! Merci ready to give 200 points to the new subcriber who share something!

Born again Christian, deplorable homemaker, and great dancer. Check me out on Bitchute: https://www.bitchute.com/channel/5LcrncfmtFOY/ Please join me on WowApp: https://wowapp.com/w/drinkyournailpolish

Just some EWM. Sarcposter (I don't like to shit post, instead I specialise in sarcasm and irony). A Blog Editing Guide I have written: https://www.minds.com/blog/view/682977146775281677 I would like my epitaph to be: He was easily confused! This account is now moribund, nearly.

The New Jerusalem - the Mother of us all. GALATIANS 4:26
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Jul 2016
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