Californian National Socialist Third Position Race is not a social construct. Society is a racial construct. "The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those who speak it." -George Orwell

This channel is dedicated to the truth of National Socialism, also to the preservation of the white race and its culture. I am of pure Aryan descent, I love the Fatherland and its people's. I will die before I allow my heritage to be destroyed by the communist agenda of globalization. My goal is to fight for what's left of American National Socialism. We as brothers in NS will prevail in the end never despair, (((THEY))) will never prevail over that which is good, of pure heart, nor the truth of what they've done in the last hundred plus years. STAY STRONG BROTHERS AND SISTERS. 1488 GOTT MIT UNS

You don't clear up a dungheap from underneath it. - Sir Mosley

YES I am @Zevic98 was unable to connect so I go by my Action figure Name instead 14/88 MAN OF ACTION I am a proud Saxon and am willing to die as a Pagan and National Socialist and protect my Tribe. CURRENTLY PRIVATE SECURITY TRAINING ON PILOTRY

Aquarium enthusiast and cannabis supporter 420 Freshwater Canada

Rise Brothers and Sisters it is far past time to awaken our people and destroy the degenerate communist menace so utterly it can never be rebuilt.

A white man pushed too far.. Blood and Soil I have been lied to. I have been cheated. I will not let this rest. I will bring the deceptors to heel. I will show them the truth, and see them cower before it.

Mar 2018
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