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Truth seeker/researcher, Defender of Inalienable Rights, freedom fighter, (One of Many that feel it our Duty to Stand Up to Tyranny, protect the Innocent, Defend America/Earth from destruction/Greed,
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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

Pro-American Activism #bds #antisemitism #jews #YEETtheHEEB

 On a journey, I continue in the direction led by opened doors and seeming coincidence. Grateful.

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Those who give up Freedoms for Security will have neither I prefer dangerous freedoms over peaceful slavery Government Never gives back Power FUCK THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!!! WE WILL WIN!!!! FUCK FASCISM! FUCK COMMUNISM! Wall Street and the Rise of Hitler and Communism LIBERTY OR DEATH! THE FIGHT AGAINST FASCISM BEGINS WITH THE FIGHT AGAINST MARXISM If you think people should be removed from Youtube or Facebook because of their "speech", your a NAZI Welcome to the new home of East Bay Truther aka Manny Trev. You may remember me from facebook before I lost my account in 2014 You may also know or remember me from End the Fed events, 911 Truth Events, 911 Tea Party Events, Anti-War Protests, Anonymous events and many other street actions throughout the years. The first time I have confronted the Elite Illuminist lucifarians. Occupy Bohemian Grove Marching into the protest. END THE FED!!! Federal Reserve 100 year anniversary What is We Are Change? The Interview Report: 2015 Bohemian Grove interview Manuel Trevino part 1 Report: 2015 Bohemian Grove interview Manuel Trevino part 2 Manny Trev - After Bohemian Grove 2015 Political Atheist Anti-Statetheist ✝️Christian Renegade Anti-Globalist Anti-Illuminati Pro Freedom Pro Liberty Pro Leave me the fuck alone! Radical Always Race: Human Hybrid Consisting of: Spanish, Irish, Navajo, Filipino, Apache, Blackfoot, Mexican and American Blood. 🇺🇸Ethnicity: RED BLOODED AMERICAN FROM THE COUNTRY KNOWN AS THE US REPUBLIC and Currently Residing in the State Called THE REPUBLIC OF CALIFORNIA LONG LIVE THE US REPUBLIC! LONG LIVE THE CALIFORNIA REPUBLIC! The UNITED STATES is a CORPORATION 28 U.S. Code § 3002 - Definitions (15) “United States” means— (A) a Federal corporation; (B) an agency, department, commission, board, or other entity of the United States; or (C) an instrumentality of the United States. Pro-Science anti-mandatory vaccination. Pro Informed Consent Fuck "FAANG": Facebook Apple Amazon Netflix and Google Using Facebook or Alexa is like letting Dracula into your house. The last of Generation X αΩ My Favorite Groups here on NWO Conspiracy ANTI-NWO MOVEMENT Forbidden Knowledge Male Lives Matter Supporters of The Second Amendment Make Em Proud Boy!

Liberty At Risk
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Politics, money, precious metals, personal liberty, travel, humor, mystery and more.

I like to eat mushrooms and chase flutterbies.

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Self-realization requires a morality (ethics) and a politics built on it. It requires ethical individualism and an objective, transparent, rights-based rule of law (self-governance). It is the only way that people will ever be able to experience general happiness.

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