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American Justice has been usurped by the BAR under Admiralty (SEA/Military/International) Jurisdiction... I am a "Land Jurisdiction" Senior Justice in Common Law Located in the Republic of Oregon... title doesn't mean much since there isn't any Common Law Courts or Land Jurisdiction anymore... that is why we need to bring back the Republic and Common Law... "For the people by the People" is more than just a saying. Our judicial system has been "usurped" by the Attorneys Guild also known as the BAR... They control all branches of government against the people. The BAR must be removed forever if Americans want to regain their freedom. I am here to educate and inform Americans.

I like to eat mushrooms and chase flutterbies.

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I'm Brian. My aim is to create relevant content that impacts, engages and entertains! Enjoy!

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Self-realization requires a morality (ethics) and a politics built on it. It requires ethical individualism and an objective, transparent, rights-based rule of law (self-governance). This kind of social system -- which respects the inherent dignity of human beings -- is the only way that people will ever be able to experience general happiness.

 On a journey, I continue in the direction led by opened doors and seeming coincidence. Grateful.

"If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear." - George Orwell

Patriot/Physician/Economist #science #medicine #healthcare #economics #Freedom treatment transparency. Retired

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Jun 2015
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