This letter is addressed to old family Reds, central bankers, military traitors (past and present), academia, media pundits, "civil rights" activists, and "Greens." Your worst fears are justified; Special Forces Underground is real. It's not just a subtitle on the Resister's masthead. Worse for you, is that it's not just in Special Forces. It exists in all branches of the military, in federal agencies, among civilians, and in several foreign countries. I am an old Special Forces active duty soldier. I've worked with people in all branches of the military, alphabet soup federal agencies, police departments, and civilians. While most people I've worked with are passive supporters of resistance to your "global community," there are some who are willing to actively defend what they believe in. I will continue to perform my appointed military duties in a professional manner. I will publicly agree with your collectivist policies and parrot your slogans. I pay my taxes, don't belong to any "militia," and won't join any "extremist" group. For all outside appearances I am one of your "global community" peasants. Having traveled extensively I have seen firsthand the results of failed collectivist governments who have looted their countries into squalor. Most politically attuned people I know have seen it also and know that the only way you can achieve your global community is by doing the same to America. Some think resistance is futile. Maybe it is. But we are willing to fight you, and make you pay DEARLY for your arrogance. We are moral, principled, and believe in the ORIGINAL Constitution and the philosophies that define it. You see, your mistake was that you thought we'd just mumble our oath and then contradict it when ordered to. but YOU,--you promoters of the "brotherhood of mankind"--are the enemies domestic we are sworn to defend the Constitution against. We didn't choose you as the enemy. By your collectivist ideologies and actions, you self selected. We pray to the God you SCORN that the day never arrives when we are finally compelled to turn against you, what you expected us to do to enemies foreign. If that day does arise, lament. For I, and others like me, have been trained in the blackest of arts, and the darkest of crafts. Your minions are useless cattle. They cannot protect you. You cannot hide. WE KNOW WHO YOU ARE, but you'll NEVER know whether der guten soldat you hired is one of us---or not. So, to all you altruist-collectivist global citizens: "YOU WILL FIND NO JOY IN YOUR NEW WORLD ORDER." (The Resistor)

Buddha, Bitcoin and Borders Buddhist since 1994, sick of boomers whinging about Trump in Buddhist centers, looking for a 'safe space' for Buddhism in the West.


Proud white male and Trump supporter. Hates MSM, or 'Fake News'. Wants Hillary Clinton and George Soros to be locked up.

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Oct 2018
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