Well this 'bio' box seems to now be working so I will try to add some thing of interest. I'm a "credit where its due", "Truth and Evidence" based person, so if you are hard one side or the other I WILL piss you off at some point. Deal with it. I will 'almost' always tell the truth as I have found it to be, if I'm wrong, please prove that to me ...I'm good with that. My youTube link is for the account I keep for myself with stuff I have found to be interesting to watch or learn from, and a basic index of 'good stuff' from 'this.Culture.War' to computing in a GNU/Linux / Unix-like way, help yourself. oh, yeah ...I do quite like Music, in fact I have audio of some sort plugged into one ear most of the time I'm awake and lectures while I sleep. so there is going to be Music, lots of Music I do like a Quote, or 'old wives tale' (...oh, shit can you say that now-a-days :-o ) in fact wordplay of all sort. this is my twatter bio... Lenny_Nero London myGeocities seems down? ever learning coder, writer, builder/breaker, engineer wanting a free & open Internet that is well engineered to allow ideas to grow into dreams. Kekistanian minds.com/Lenny_Nero remember... The rules are only barriers to prevent children from falling. Madame de Staël ( of course she said it in foreign ) “Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed: everything else is public relations.” - George Orwell https://www.last.fm/user/lennynero https://degreed.com/lennynero https://www.youtube.com/user/HotMetalanMethedrine https://www.linuxcounter.net/user/395890 ...and yeah, I do have a hardware keyboard problem, got my first one mid 90's Blue switched ALPS and its been uphill from there on in.
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